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Event In Munich with European Tour For Global Responsibility

The tour is already coming to an end when the hitchhikers are arriving in Munich, but in Munich and in Strasbourg they will be welcomed by big masses of people, as these both events are going to be big… The event in Munich is organised in a joint venture between the ASA Programm of InWEnt and Commit to Partnership e.V.
Tuesday, 5th of September

* Welcoming of the hitchhikers in the Seidlvilla in Munich and presentation of Eurizons
* Workshops and podium discussion about MDG 4, 5 and 6 (all related to health issues)
1. Clean drinking water (Bernd Wiesmaier / Brot für die Welt)
2. The effects of HIV/AIDS (Reinhard Hansen/ Bayerisches Missionswerk)
3. Migration and the role of the pharma industry (Katja Roll / Aktionsbündnis AIDS / DIFÄM and Antje Sanogo / Münchner AIDS Hilfe)
4. Female genital mutilation (Faduma Korn / author)
5. Financing NGOs (Tobias Bergmann / Ramboll Consulting)
Afternoon: Theater of the oppressed – Workshop
* Eurizons – night on the Free & Easy Festival im Backstage

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