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… German lessons will be starting at the German Society next week and they have been warned of the cold weather they are to expect.

When chatting among board members it was thought that an introduction to your pre-school system and some knowledge of the methods used would be very useful.

This might also perhaps include the making of toys from readily available materials as these are so expensive to purchase and are needed for the under six-year-olds. Do you think this is a possibility?

We are in the process of organising three suitable candidates for the project and they have already applied for their passports. We do appreciate your interest in our young people and think that your idea of introducing them to a bicycle repair shop, a biological fruit growing farm project and — in general — social community organising projects is excellent.

May we suggest that they all take part in the social community organising but each have a specialised subject as well so that they can start similar projects when back at the centre — the bicycle repair
workshop for one, perhaps a more general organic farming rather than specifically fruit for another.

We are also very interested in computer training as, if someone has the skills to train others, we can try to get computers for this purpose.

At the moment we are in the process of trying to raise funds to build a computer class-room. We trust our students will be able to contribute something in return and they will certainly be involved with your young people when they come out to us.

We are also in touch with the German Society and busy raising funds to pay for their crash courses in German as there is not a lot of time left before the end of September. The cold will be a new experience for them but all part of the learning curve in an ever-shrinking world.

Any further ideas will be welcomed from you and we have our thinking caps on on this side.

… Glen Forest Development Centre