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we are glad to invite Blessing Magayah, Naison Jojo and Sabbina Hebert from the Glen Forest Develope Center Harare for the time between beginning October and beginning December 2006 to Munich.

We have booked the flights from Harare via Jo’burg and Dubai starting
3. Okt. 2006 at 14.50 and coming back to Harare 3. Dec. 14.05.

We have prepared some different possibilities for Practica, between farming, pre-school bicycle-repairing, and Tandem- German-English- Lessons, and some possibilities for meeting people in the Munich-Harare-Partnership.

We have health-insurances for them all and organize privat places for living. They will get some pocket-money and all for their stay, but there is no legal payment.

For the board of the project youventus international
Alfred Rott – Josef Zehentbauer – Fritz Letsch – Lina Echeverri