2° of fear and desire: 2° voll Angst und Verlangen!

Thank you for the fine inspiration to do this workshop. We started in a little group and ended with a deep feeling to go on, so the day was very impressiv and started a new group.

1st Scene at the inner conflict of bringing consequences also to partners and to the family.

Living without an own car means a lot for a german family, and the alternative project of „stattauto“, to be member of a group of common car-sharers, is not a common idea in the families: It needs more open communication.

2nd Scene about the consequences in the daily communication:

Two young people coming together, talking about their way of buying, eating, cooking, and feel the differences in handling the way of living: What does this mean now for my contacts, my friendships, my love? Can I share my despair?

We presented as ForumTheater and had some changing and a lot of ideas from the public.

autoproblem stattauto Du-kannst-kochen
Other countries: http://www.headlinestheatre.com/past_work/2Degrees08/jokers_events.htm – Report: http://www.headlinestheatre.com/past_work/2Degrees08/2degrees_FinalReport_OC.pdf