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9 Weeks: 4th October to 3rd December 2006

3 People: Blessing Magayah, Naison Jojo and Sabbina Hebert

1. Week: Arriving to Munich

Trip Harare – Munich
Wednesday October 4 WELCOME to Munich! 13.00 MUC Term. 1
EWH = Oneworldhouse Meeting: Clearing the Traineeship Program

Thursday October 5
Welcome in the City Hall, press conference 1o.00
Basics in Munich: Mobility, City Tour, EWH, food, internet etc.
Meetings with Hamupa, ESS, NOSFO ?
Presenting the Glen Forest Project, Meeting with groups

Friday October 6
Visit to community groups
Tandem – German course – Weekend-Program?

Saturday October 7
Day of the Commune Services: Visit Marienplatz,
Water service and garbage management centre

Sunday October 8
Free Day