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Established on the 1st June 1990 Pamuzinda is composed of kindergartens, school going youths, and the unemployed who take arts seriously as a means of survival. They engage in all aspects of arts that include Music, Poetry, Drama, Contemporary and Traditional dances as well as instrument making. As a performing group Pamuzinda had made successful tours and held successful workshops in some parts of the world including countries like Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Zambia etc. For more information you can visit our web site: www.pamuzinda.net

Pamuzinda seeks to:
a)Raise the required funds for the project.
b)Facilitate the discovering of skills and talent in the performing arts among the youths.
c)To equip the youth with technical and practical theatre skills.
d)To give back to our High field community.
e)To develop arts in Highfield schools by involving them in theatre workshops and festivals.
f)To develop future artists in Highfield community and the world.
g) Pamuzinda Arts aims to produce a children artists taking part in country-wide tours and word-wide tours.

Training through:
1) Workshops
2) Meetings
3) General briefing

This programme will target the kindergartens, pupils of school going age from six (6) years up to sixteen (16) years of age of the Highfield community and stretching to some other parts of Harare if resources permit.

We have realized that of all the eighteen schools both primary and secondary schools in Highfield they are not engaged in theatre and arts. But the community boasts of talented youngsters who only need guidance, inspiration and motivation. Also due to poverty and the economic hardships most of them can not manage to acquire scholarships to study arts, this to a greater extent is the main reason we want to initiate and implement the herein project to encourage the youth to be self employed.

We intend to embark on scouting and nurturing talent from the children of the Highfield community providing the basics of theatre, arts and help the kids to achieve there goals in life in the field of performing arts. Supporting them financially for their welfare mainly on school fees and school uniforms to those talented but less privileged youngsters.

What we want to do is help them nature the talents they possess and help them build their future life, to alleviate poverty and also create employment and the most important of all to prevent them from indulging into drugs, promiscuity and street life that will cause some of them ending up in jails or contracting this deadly Epidemic disease of H.I.V/AIDS.

This project/programme is an on going programme that will keep them busy and help them realize what they are capable of doing with their God given talents and earn a living out of it, and our duty and responsibility is to help them make their dreams come true.

A report to evaluate the proceedings and progress reports shall be submitted on the 15th of every month and shall be in form of audio/video, photos and it shall also include Financial statements.

Our motto is: CATCH THEM YOUNG