To: individuals working in:
  • adult education organisations
  • schools

Subject: Letter n.4 – chance for funded training in Europe
  • Are you a person working as teacher in school, as volunteer or member in an association, cooperative or else, working with adults?
  • Are you interested to attend courses/training in Europe and be financed?
  • Or are you a school or adult education organisation (in large sense) and want to train your members, teachers, volunteers?

As you maybe know, European Union set up a new program of education called Erasmus plus.
It will finance staff members from adult education organisations as well as school’s staff.
If you are (or maybe know) such an organisation, you can send your staff to attend courses abroad completely reimbursed.

For getting the opportunity for 2014-2015 you should fill up a document by 17th March.
If interested, write to us and we’ll see how to help you.
If you know someone else interested, forward this


We as Giolli provide courses in Italy about different issues like: participation, violence, racism, bullying, discrimination, conflict, Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, working with prisoners etc.
We use Theatre of The Oppressed as a tool to work with marginalised groups as we are working since more than 20 years (
Moreover we know other groups like ours spread off in Europe where you could attend such courses.
We also work with Paulo Freire’s pedagogy, with Non violent approach and with Community Development approach.
We have a large experience in working in school, prison, psychiatric centres, drug-addicts community, district at risk, with both social workers, teachers and marginalised groups or youth at risk.
We also have experience in participatory strategy, active citizenship, inter cultural approach and conflict management.