Dear friends,

on 18th of march we organize together with Dana Caspersen from The Forsythe Company the social choreography „Knotunknot“. 100 people from the
neighboorhood are invited to come at 7pm to the Uferstudios to perform and exchange positions on origin and living together moderated by Dana Caspersen. Entrance is free and registration required per email: More details here:

On 27th of march we play our forum theatre play „abre a boca“ about the situation of brasilian imigrants in Berlin. Entrance is free and no regsitration required.

Afterwards we present the book from Augusto Boal „games and exercises for actors and non-actors“ new translated by Till Baumann and Nr. 16 of the brasilian magazin TEXTE about brasilian theatre with a text from Bárbara Santos.

From 3rd to 6th of april our next workshop on „forum theatre: the development of the question“ with Bárbara Santos takes place at KURINGA.
Participation fee is 200 EUR, but financial problems shall not impede participation. Just talk with us. Regsitration per email:

From 22nd till 25th of may the next workshop „aesthetics of the oppressed“ with Bárbara Santos and Till Baumann takes place in Kuringa. Participation fee is 200 EUR as well. Regsitration at

Last but not least we want to inform you about the Nunca Mais Brasilientage, remebering 50 years of brasilian military dictatorship. and

Best regards, Christoph Leucht

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