International Grundtvig course in Italy financed by E.U. – March 2012 – Corso internazionale sul ruolo del Jolly – Marzo 2012
To: groups working with adult in difficulty, Subject: training-in-service course about „The joker’s role in Boal’s method – a maieutic attitude to empower individuals and groups“

Dear colleagues, here are some information about a course that we’re organising in March 2012 in adult education, about Joker’s role in Boal’s and Freire’s methods. The LLP agency said:
the training entitled „The joker’s role in Boal’s method – a maieutic attitude to empower individuals and groups“ has been validated by the National Agency and it is published in the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database with the reference number „IT-2012-719-001“

If you ever are interested, you could apply your national Socrates agency (you find the list here: ) and be financed completely (course fee, travel, subsistence), according to their specific rules.

More information about the course at this address:
Or more information about us, visiting our website: .
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The place in is north Italy close to Parma town.

The date is from 5th to 9th March 2012, more one day for travel both arriving and leaving.
Limits: to get the grant you should behalf to an organisation public or private that works in adult education (to do T.O. with adults is enough…) and apply for you. Moreover you need to live permanently out of Italy or to be foreigner. If you are Italian living in Italy , you can take part to the course, but not have the grant.
Deadline to apply to your National Socrates Agency (see the list above) is 15th September 2011. You only need to follow their instructions and to have a confirm of pre-registration from Giolli.

If you are interested or you know people interested please contact us to have the letter of invitation that likely your National Socrates Agency would require to you
Hoping to see you in the training, all the best Roberto Mazzini