As you may know, we are preparing for our next main stage production, 2º of adaptation: making choices while the climate changes. This will be a Forum Theatre project created and performed by people who are knowledgeable about climate change issues, but still struggling to incorporate behavioural change into their lives.

An innovative aspect of this project is that the production team has takenon the challenge of trying to make the production as carbon neutral as possible, and to document the successes and challenges of this endeavour inorder to share information with production companies across Canada and around the world.

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Very enthusiastic letters of support are in from: Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), Fraser Basin Council, City Green, Evergreen. Sierra Club of Canada (Lower Mainland), The Pembina Institute and Sierra Legal. Other letters are still in process. Some of these organizations are also forming a powerful working group to help us on the project. They feel (and we agree) that 2º is exactly the right initiative at the right time. We are being swamped with news of climate change, but within that, have very few real ideas of how to break out of either our paralysis or our sense of entitlement and actually make behavioural change.

In the last few weeks, six very similar letters of rejection have arrived from funders, all of them praising the focus and innovation of the project, and telling us they can¹t fund it. We are highly frustrated.

Of course we continue to fundraise. We have made large cuts to the budget.Further cuts will jeopardize the project. Still, we are showing a possible projected shortfall of up to $30,000.


1. Headlines is a registered charity and can offer tax receipts. Cheques can be mailed to:

Headlines Theatre
323-350 East 2nd Ave. Vancouver, BC, V5T 4R8

OR Click here to support the project online with a VISA card

2. If you know of any organizations who might be interested in supporting the project financially, please give us their contact information and, preferably, a person there we can talk to. In either of these cases, your name will be listed in the program for the project. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and all the best

David, Jackie, Dafne and Adeline at Headlines Theatre

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