MDC expresses satisfaction with progress in SADC dialogue process
23 November 2007

The MDC National Working Committee met yesterday (23-11-07) in Harare and received reports from its negotiating team to the SADC brokered dialogue on the resolution of the Zimbabwe crisis.

The National Working Committee noted the tremendous progress which has been made in the talks on the agreed agenda items including the issue of a new constitution for Zimbabwe, reform of electoral laws, reform of security laws, and reform of media laws, in particular the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act(AIPPA) and the Broadcasting Services Act. The Committee noted that the talks have now entered a final and decisive stage.

The National Working Committee noted with great appreciation the role and commitment of President Mbeki and the South African government to the dialogue process and to assisting the leaders and people of Zimbabwe to resolve their differences and to finding solutions to the continuing suffering of the people.

The National Working Committee further noted the meeting between the President Thabo Mbeki and the leadership of the MDC which took place on the same day with the National Working Committee meeting. The Committee noted President Mbeki’s efforts at speeding up the negotiating process and resolved to support those efforts by ensuring the availability of the MDC negotiators at all times when they are required to commit their time to the negotiating process.

The Committee expressed faith in SADC and in African institutions and processes as primary vehicles for the resolution of African problems.

The committee noted with deep concern the various external forces which appear to have been mobilised and are in turn mobilising internal forces to derail the successful conclusion of the SADC dialogue. The Committee while noting the infancy and imperfections of African institutions as vehicles for the resolution of African conflicts, problems and challenges appealed to the international community to respect African institutions and processes and to assist them to develop solid foundations as instruments for the resolution of African conflicts, problems and issues.

The National Working Committee expressed satisfaction and confidence in the ability of SADC to handle and resolve the Zimbabwe crisis.

The National Working Committee appealed to all parties to the dialogue to commit themselves to the creation of a climate of mutual trust and confidence and in particular, appealed to Zanu PF and the government desist from the perpetuation of violence, intimidation, police harassment and general repressive and oppressive behaviour such as unnecessary prohibition of political meetings.

Professor Welshman Ncube
Secretary General


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